Upcoming Events

Segni Contemporanei 2018

The 8th edition of SpazioCorpo students' show was held for the first time in Palamostre theater, Udine. The performances, as usual, covered all genres; the main one, "Feminine" explored the seasons of the female body and mind.

Arte Non Mente 2017

The festival, held in the former psychiatric hospital of S.Osvaldo (Udine), consists in art expositions, market, and dance/music performances. SpazioCorpo students participated with improvisations and short choreographies.

Segni Contemporanei 2017

The traditional end of season's dance performance by SpazioCorpo atelier in Udine, auditorium Zanon, was characterized by intense performances and an attentive and appreciative audience.


The 2016/17 calendar of "CSS Teatro stabile" of the Friuli V.G. Italian region opened with a show performed by residents of the city of Udine, which is also the subject of their stories. Laura offered her choreographical contribution to the general structure and to some of the performances.

Segni Contemporanei 2016

At the Zanon auditorium in Udine, on June 18th, SpazioCorpo presented dance works pertaining to the Contemporary, Jazz, Oriental, Fusion, DanzaMovimentoTerapia genres, together with choreographic works by the students. The live performance of Serena Finatti and Andrea Varnier let the students perform on their two tracks, "Le Cirque des Animaux" and "Conchiglia" (Honorable mention for choreography at Video & Danza Folkest 2016).

"Allergic" wins the Contemporary-over 14 prize at Friulindance

A short excerpt from "Allergic", with dance and improvisation by Rachele Boatto, Chiara Alice Bolzicco, Davide Medeossi obtained the first place at the first edition of the contest organized and broadcast by Telefriuli.

Segni Contemporanei 2015

SpazioCorpo students present "Allergic", a choreography developed during the school year, at the Zanon auditorium in Udine, on June 6th. Special guests: Francesco Collavino, Debora Di Centa, DanzaTheodora (Padua), Evy Danza.

Emozioni Colorate

SpazioCorpo performs at the event inspired by plexi-light art pieces by Antonio La Montagna, at "Grani di Pepe" hotel in Flaibano (Udine).

Tendimi le mani e stringiti a me

Laura choreographed and performed at the event which consists of a walk from Valle di Soffumbergo to Mt. Joanaz with music, poetry, dance and visual arts.

Laura Della Longa at IDP

Laura has been the teacher in the Dance History course of International Dance Program, Rome

Segni Contemporanei 2014

2 days, 3 shows per day characterized the end year performance of SpazioCorpo, held in Multiseum of Città Fiera (Martignacco, Udine), June 2014.

Chiara Bolzicco and Giulia La Montagna @ IDP

Thanks to successful auditions, Chiara and Giulia have been admitted to the International Dance Program course by PAC Studios - Rome. Laura Della Longa will be part of the same initiative, as one of the teachers.

Trinity Laban's Choreology course

Laura Della Longa has succesfully completed her first year of Choreology course at Trinity Laban.

Segni Contemporanei 2013

The choreography "Sono e Vorrei" has been succesfully performed by the students of project Dancebourhood at the end year performance of SpazioCorpo "Segni Contemporanei", Auditorium Zanon - Udine (ITA), june 1st 2013.

Chiara Bolzicco e Laura Calcagno at Trinity Laban

Even after being chosen by Folkwang Academy, Laura Calcagno has chosen, and been admitted to, Trinity Laban. At her first audition abroad, Chiara Bolzicco has been selected by Trinity Laban; Chiara has also been chosen for "Angelo che se ne va_Udine" by Virgilio Sieni, performed at S. Francesco Church - Udine (ITA).

Festival Luigi Nono

Last March, Agrapha Dogmata project has performed a music/dance improvisation at Festival Luigi Nono, Casa della Musica, Trieste (ITA); an excerpt is available on the video section.

Dancebourhood at Clauiano

Sunday oct. 7th Dancebourhood students have performed an excerpt from "Corpi" and some improvisation for "ImmaginArte" at the medieval village of Clauiano.

Dancebourhood courses 2012-13

Dancebourhood courses are held at SpazioCorpo, Via Poscolle 51, Udine (ITA) starting from September 2012.

Savina Casarin at Trinity Laban

Savina has been admitted at the course for Diploma in Dance Studies: congratulations!

Laura Calcagno at Folkwang Academy

Laura Calcagno has been selected, with a dozen other performers among 200 candidates, by Folkwang Dance Academy in Essen, Germany: congratulations for an achievement you clearly deserved, Laura!

June 12th, 2012 - Segni Contemporanei - Udine, Italy

The latest performance by Dancebourhood at the city hall, ”Loggia del Lionello“

Segni Contemporanei - Loggia del Lionello

SpazioCorpo – Atelier Danza e Movimento vitalizes downtown Udine by offering to the public for free, at 19.30 and 21.30 hours, the dance performance “Segni contemporanei”.
Short performances by young students, adults, and experienced dancers, will be followed by Dancebourhood with the four acts of the performance "Corpi" ("Bodies").


Laura Della Longa has been admitted to the course for Specialist Diploma in Choreology at Trinity Laban, UK. The course will be held until 2015, for some weeks each year.

Alessandro Coco admitted to ArtEZ Institute

A convincing performance let Alessandro gain admission to the 4 year Bachelor Course of ArtEZ Institute of the Arts. Great!

Scolarship awarded to Alessandro Coco

Alessandro, who takes part to dancebourhood projects, has been awarded a dance company scholarship by the prestigious Hamlyn Dance School, Florence. Congratulations!