Why Dancebourhood?

Neighbourhood, root of “Dancebourhood” means bordering territory and in its broadest sense contact zone. “Dancebourhood” defines dance as a neighboring zone between visible and invisible, body and consciousness, inwards and outwards, where senses, pulsations, emotions and spiritual needs co-exist.

What is Dancebourhood?

Dancebourhood is a dancing perspective where the sinuosity of Jazz Dance and the open introspection of Contemporary Dance trespass their borders and merge.In fact, Dancebourhood is a synthesis of personal experiences in Jazz Dance (Sylvie Meugeolle, Serge Alzetta), in Modern Dance (Horton Technique, Cunningham, Laban Movement Analysis) and in Post-Modern dance (Release Technique, Structured Improvisation)- following international dance categories.

Laura's artistic formation is certified by degrees awarded in the following top European dance centers

Laura is the only teacher inFriuli-Venezia Giulia region who has obtained these recognitions.

What does Dancebourhood propose?

Dancebourhood promotes high level dance teaching and performing, by offering a formation that highlights choreography and performance quality.

The gradual learning of dance technique, which is a important mean to reach movement freedom, harmony and quality, is assisted by the fundamental development of body consciousness. Each body indeed can be transformed through a conscious way of dancing; movement quality and consciousness intensity indeed make the difference between a simple and an artful dancer.

Therefore, a particular attention is given to the art of improvising which has its roots in the black world of Jazz. Improvisation, seen as the dance each body makes for itself , develops body consciousness in relation to space, time and movement dynamics. Dancebourhood promotes a personal expressive language which amplifies physicality, sensibility and individual energy. In fact, whily studing dance, it is important to develop not only a good technique, but also an harmonious, independent and creative personality, which is the aim of any artistic expression.

Dancebourhood encourages a deep knowledge of physiology and enhances respect towards the body in order to achieve a sincere body mastery and to prevent injuries.

Moreover, Dancebourhood aims to produce high quality performances at semiprofessional level, and to prepare talented students for dance experiences abroad. In this regard we maintain contact with institutions for high dance formation such as: Laban in London, Dance Academy Artez in Holland. Dancebourhood, therefore, offers concrete opportunities for professional career to the most talented students.

Studying and performing with Dancebourhood is available to kids, teens and adults regardless of physical aptitude and inborn talent, since an important purpose is the personal developement: our students learn to recognize and share their own distinctiveness, believing that each body has the potential to move at an excellent level, enjoying it.

Whom is Dancebourhood for?

Dancebourhood addresses those who wish to experience dance through their bodies' uniqueness, which becomes a zone of artistic expression. Kids over the age of 10, teens and adults are invited to dance,but soon Dancebourhood will collaborate with qualified teachers for even younger kids. Finally Dancebourhood strongly focuses on the person and the group, intended as trespassing and dialoguing space, in which a single organism emerges.

Those familiar with the Italian language can browse our “Corsi Danza” page. Else, feel free to contact us for info.