Why Dancebourhood

Neighbourhood, root of Dancebourhood, means in its broadest sense bordering territory, dimension, ambience. I feel dance as a neighboring zone between visible and invisible: movement originates from a poetic, amplified awareness, suspended and invisible, and it manifests itself by crossing borders, by penetrating soft, conscious, electric, sinuous, urgent, improvised, set and free bodies.

I am fascinated by the humanness of movement as an intermittent, porous dialogue of body, mind and amplified awareness.

Underworlds of pulsions, sensations, intuitions intrude the actuality of body, which feels and conveys sense, human sense in movement.

Choreographed and improvised, visible and invisible, sinuous and nervous are spaces to move through, are polarities essential to my creative pulsing.

I believe in a dance that is appearance and dissolving of opposite necessities, traces of the self. Dancebourhood is then my way of sensing and conveying sense, my way of being…in movement.